Tun Khin speaking at UN Human Rights Council

Today, BROUK President Tun Khin spoke at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. He highlighted the connection between the impunity for the genocide against the Rohingya and the military coup, calling for justice for the military’s atrocities against all people of Burma.

“Root causes of violence and discrimination against the Rohingya has been aggrevated by the attempted coup”, Tun Khin said, adding that it would be dangerous to persue a forced return of Rohingya to Burma as long as the military, the architects of the genocide of the Rohingya, is in charge.

Tun Khin called on the international community to:

Ensure accountability and justice by supporting referral of Burma to ICC, join the Rohingya genocide case at the ICJ and explore the avenues to open Universal Jurisdiction cases against the military as is happening in Argentina.

Guarantee Rohingya participation in any decision about their future including return to Burma, as well as Rohingya inclusion in the accountability process.

Increase financial support for the refugee camps in Bangladesh.